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Vacuum Packing
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

Lately I have started to question if I have been watching too much late night television. A sure sign, proving this thinking, is this weekss "Tying Tip"!

You know late night on television, when most channels sell whole hour blocks of time to a commercial for a product that cannot be found in stores (which you just have to have, to validate your life)?

Well I saw one a bag that you can store your clothes in using a vacuum cleaner, suck all the air out. Guess I was not too far into Zombie Land, because the old light bulb (20 watts) came on. If the idea is good enough for your clothes, it sure as heck will work on your fly tying material.

Sooner or later every Fly Tier, runs into the problem of storage and space. Plastic Tubs, heavy duty freezer bags for the capes, furs, quills, and other things that bugs love to eat. Trouble is how to remove the air from the bag at sealing without hurting the material inside.

Here is my 20-watt bulb idea:

    1. Place material inside the heavy duty plastic freezer bag.

    2. Place a part of the 'no pest strips,' that Al Campbell covered in his column (titled "Don't Bug Me"), inside the plastic bag, with the material.

    3. Seal the plastic bag, leaving a small opening, at the end of the seal.

    4. On a flat surface, flatten the plastic bag to remove as much air as possible.

    5. Insert a straw and suck, the remaining air out of the bag, quickly sealing the bag, as you remove the straw from the opening.

You can do this with plastic bags you already have or you can purchase a set from me for only $29.95 (shipping and handling costs not included in the price). I will send you the Parnelli Vacuum Sealer Kit. You will receive:

    25 - Heavy Duty Storage Bags (good for many years of use).

    25 - Insect No-Pest patches to protect your material inside the bag.

    1 - Plastic Straw, air removal tool, for extracting unwanted air from the bag.

For a limited time only, I will double the order at no extra cost, sending you not one but two sets of the Parnelli Vacuum Sealers.

As I said at the beginning of this article, I think I have been watching too much television... ~ Parnelli

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