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Your Local Dollar Store
By Dan Pryce

There are many things that you can buy from your local dollar store that are great for tying; from tools to materials. Here are a few:

    1. Combs - For combing fur.

    2. Nail polish and top coat - For making heads on minnow imitations, etc.

    3. Feathers - Many dollar stores now sell craft feathers and if you're there on the right day you can find some feathers that aren't only good for children's arts and crafts.

    4. Plastic eyes - The googly kind. They come in many shapes, sizes and colours.

    5. Containers - This is one of the best places to go for containers of all shapes and sizes to help you stay organized at your bench and on the water. Look in the sewing area for containers made specifically for storing thread.

    6. Nail clippers, scissors, and other sharp things - Not usually the greatest quality, but you may be surprised if you look hard enough. Why waste your good scissors for cutting coarse material when a cheap pair will do it. Once the cheap pair wears out, buy another.

    7. Magnetic wands and sheets - The wands, as mentioned in previous tying tips, are great for finding that almost invisible hook on the floor. The magnetic sheets are great to line your fly boxes and hook boxes to keep things from blowing out with a gust of wind or from falling onto the carpet where your foot will definitely find it if it's sharp.

    8. Yarns, fluff, etc - Have a good look at things and you'll see loads of materials masquerading as shoe insoles or a dog toys.

    9. Ziploc bags - There are usually huge selections ranging from very tiny ones great for dubbing, to huge ones to store the largest feathers you have.

    10. Snacks - Just because the fish aren't biting it doesn't mean you can't bite into some of your favourite snacks!

So next time you end up in a dollar store have a good look around and for a couple of bucks you'll leave with something new to try using at the bench or on your favourite water. ~ Dan Pryce

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