Trucos de montaje

Three from Tap's Tips
By H.G. Tapply

    1. A set of muffin tins makes a convenient storage bin for the fly tying bench. Use as many sections as needed for hooks and small bits of material, the others for keeping flies separated according to patterns or sizes.

    2. Never put moth repellent in a plastic fly box. The crystals or balls soften and discolor the plastic and ruin not only the box but sometimes the flies as well. If flies are stored over the winter in a plastic box, seal the edges with tape.

    3. To make sure that wet flies will sink readily, tie them with materials that absorb water - wool bodies and feathers from crows, hawks, owls, grouse, or barn yard hens, and use heavy wire hooks. Some fishermen hold the fly flat in their mouth for a moment before tying it on, to let it soak up a little saliva. ~ H.G. Tapply

    Credits: From Tap's Tips, Practical Advice For All Outdoorsmen, published by The Lyons Press.

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