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Choosing Feathers
By David Klausmeyer

1. Selecting the proper hackle is the first step in making nice wings. One option is to pluck feathers from necks such as Whiting American grade capes. Another popular method is to sort through bunches of strung hackle. Let's start with the feathers that will not make proper feather wings. These two hackles have entirely too much web. These feathers will make poor wings, but the fibers are excellent for fashioning into the throats of classic streamers.

2. This hackle has a nice even curvature. It might make one half of a wing. The first step is to test the strength of its quill. Hold the hackle parallel to the top of your tying bench. This hackle droops too much and will foul around the hook when fished. Proceed to the next step to see if it might still work for creating the wing of a streamer.

3. Flip the hackle over to see if it will stand out straighter on the other side. This feather has a "strong" side, and can be used to make the left-side wing. Divide your feathers into two piles: those for making right-side and left-side wings. ~ David Klausmeyer

Credits: This tying tip is from Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers, By David Klausmeyer, published by Countryman Press. We appreciate use permission.

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