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Tips on Dying
By A.K.Best

The 'indoor' season is upon us, and interest in what to do with the goodies we've collected from our hunting friends heats up. The following tips are a partial list from Dyeing And Bleaching by A.K. Best. I have left out those which deal specifically with methods or recipes A.K. includes in the book, but used those which generally apply to dying. ~ DLB

"Remember the following before you attempt to dye:
  • The temperature of the dye bath should never exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • All material to be dyed (except tanned hides) must be degreased.

  • Constantly stir and turn the material in the dye bath.

  • All wet material will appear darker than when dry.

  • Be certain that all excess dye has been washed away before drying and storing the dyed material.

  • You must have white to dye to bright.

  • The quality of your water supply may affect some of the recipes.

  • Always clean your bamboo tongs with Formula 409 and a damp sponge when you have finished dying and rinse them thoroughly.

  • Always clean your dye pan with Formula 409 and paper towels each each dye bath. Rinse with hot water and dry.

  • Never save used dye."
~ A.K. Best

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