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Yet Another Dubbing Technique
By Ray Kunz

Where we try to use a minimum of specialized tools, I think the following method of dubbing with a spinning loop is easily learned. In words it sounds complicated, but it isn't.

The only tool we use is an E-Z Hackle Pliers or a Radio Shack electronic test clip. (Be wary of the E-Z knock offs that are sold by many mail order houses. Many of them don't work.)

    1. With the bedding wrap on the shank of the hook let the bobbin hang down with about 6 inches of thread exposed.

    2. Clip the E-Z pliers onto the thread at the 3 inch point and let it hang there.

    3. On a light colored surface lay out your dubbing in a streamline, or torpedo shape, keeping it spread thinly.

    4. Pick up the bobbin with your right hand extending it toward your chest. Put your left hand under the taut thread so that the E-Z pliers is hanging down between your middle and ring finger and let your index and middle finger press lightly upward on the thread between the pliers and the hook.

    5. Releasing the bobbin, pick up the prepared piece of dubbing and lay it on top of the thread over your fingers which are providing a "platform" to support the dubbing.

    6. Pick up the bobbin and lay it up and across the dubbing, over the top of the hook, take a couple wraps and then let the bobbin hang free.

    7. While providing thread tension to the pliers with your left index and middle fingers twirl the pliers CCW as you look at the end of the pliers (for right handers) to whatever degree of looseness or tightness you want and then proceed to wrap the noodle on to the hook.

As complex as this all sounds, it really works because all the repeatability comes down to just how you lay out the dubbing on the bench. It also is especially advantageous when you don't want to crush down or entrain any guard hairs in trying for a spiky body. ~ Ray Kunz

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