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Treatment of Hair
By William Bayard Sturgis

"Some deer hair is extremely brittle even though flexible. Avoid such material, as it is useless. If the hair is stiff it may be softened by the following processes, wich are applicable to both dyed and natural hair, including bucktails:

    1. To a bottle containing approximately one gallon of soft water, add one teaspoonful of sulphonated castor oil and a small amount of "Lux" flakes (or their equivalent). Shake vigorously until the oil is emulsified. Wash the hair (pieces of hide or tails) thoroughly four times with soap and water and then soak it in this solution for two hours, stirring occasionally. This restores the suppleness of the hair, but if it is still to harsh treat it by the following method:

    2. To one part of olive oil add one part (by volume) of household ammonia and eight parts of water. Put this in a bottle and shake well until emulsified. Pour this into a pot and soak the hair for about one half an hour.

    NOTE: Hackle can also be treated thus to make them less brittle."

Credits: From Fly-Tying By William Bayard Sturgis, Published by Charles Scribner's Sons. (1940)

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