Trucos de montaje

By A.K. Best

I use nothing but the highest quality clear glossy lacquer, which I buy by the quart and store in pint containers. Many people are trying to reinvent head lacquer: They say their brand penetrates deeper, last longer on the fly, or is more impervious to water of all kinds. My comment on this is to give you can example of the lacquerware wooden salad bowl set I bought while in the service in Japan more than forty years ago. We still use it on a weekly basis. It hasn't cracked, chipped, or peeled in all that time. The materials on most flies won't last that long. The point is, how can you improve on something that's as perfect as good lacquer? If you want penetration, thin it. If you want glassy heads, use two or three coats.

There is no sense in paying $3 or $4 for a couple of ounces of lacquer and $1.50 or so for an ounce or two of thinner at the fly shop when you can go to your hardware or paint store and buy a quart of lacquer and a pint of tinner for less than $10. A quart of lacquer will do somewhere between five thousand and ten thousand dozen flies, depending on how much you spill. ~ AK Best

Credits: This tying tip is from Production Fly Flying, Second Edition by A.K. Best, published by Pruett Publishing Company, Boulder, Colorado. We appreciate use permission.

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