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Using Thinner Thread
By Bill Teasdale, Woodinville, WA

I teach at Swedes Fly shop in Woodinville, Washington and wanted to contribute a tip on small and very strong tying thread.

I use 14/0 sheer thread by Hairline. This thread is all I use from small Dry flies to Atlantic Salmon flies. This thread is the only thing I use for tying all flies.

I have used and TEACH spinning deer/Elk hair using the 14/0 thread. One technique I use is to "Rock" the thread as the thread is tightened on the hook. This will insure the thread will tighten down on the hair and make the hair collapse on the shank of the hook.

I have never added glue to any part of the fly except the whip finish or on the post on the parachute dry flies. I guess I'm just true to the old Masters on that account. I am able to fish the flies for days at a time (if the fishing is good) other times just dry them out and fish them again. I tie more only to pass them out to other Fly Fisherman/Women on the lakes or rivers. ~ BT

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