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Tying a Tag
By Skip Morris
Foreword by Steven H. McGarthwaite

Tag: Narrow winding under and behind tail, of tinsel, floss, or other material.

While perusing the archives of FAOL's "Fly of the Week," I came across and excellent example showing how to tie a "tag" onto a fishing hook. Tying a "tag" is a very easy procedure and can add greatly to a fly even where it is not called for in the original fly pattern recipe.

A "tag" can be used on a fly pattern to suggest the egg sack of a female fly laying eggs on or beneath the water.

Incorporating a "tag" as part of a Dry or Wet Fly Pattern is an idea is greatly recommended. Fish respond to egg-laden-female flies with an aggressive demeanor. Using a "tag" on a fly pattern you can expect an violent take of the fly. ~Parnelli

a. Tie the tinsel (or floss) at the bend. Wrap the tinsel (or floss) down the bend in a few close turns, neither overlapping nor spacing turns.

b. Reverse the wrapping direction of the tinsel (or floss) and wrap it forward over the first turns. Again, the edges of the turns should just touch. Upon reaching the thread, secure the tinsel's (or floss's) end with tight thread turns. ~ Skip Morris

Credits: From The Art of Tying the Nymph by Skip Morris. Published by Published by Frank Amato Publications. We appreciate use permission.

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