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Conehead Tip
By Grn Mt Man aka Dick Taylor

I was attempting to tie some "ugly" Woolly Buggers yesterday using small Tungsten Coneheads and didn't want to pack the cavity with extra wire or material etc. to securely position the conehead.

Looking through my accumulated junk to see what I could come up with and spied some red plastic "4MM Egg Beads Salmon Egg" and thought that this might be the ticket.

I threaded the conehead on the hook with one egg bead right behind it and it fit just about perfectly with most of the plastic bead filling the conehead cavity and making a pretty secure fit against the hook eye. Also, found that if I left a little space between the whip finished thread and the red plastic bead it left a small area of red bead showing that might look like gills to the fishies.

I will have to fish this and see if it works okay. Proof of the puddin is in the eating as the saying goes; so, will see if the trout like it. Maybe the same for bass etc. Haven't come across this before; but, doubt there's much new under the (tying) sun! ~ Grn Mt Man aka Dick Taylor

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