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Better than Mono Eyes!
By David Miller

I found that the mono eyes that I use for my crawfish and shrimp patterns are pretty plain and don't really look like eyes. My method makes two color eyes with a pupil. Plus these eyes are nearly indestructable.

    1) My solution to this is to precut a stack of heavy mono in 20lbs range. About 1" long for my shrimp.

    2) Hold the center of the mono with a set of needle nosed pliers. Half the mono sticking out on each side.

    3) Slip on a glass seed bead of any color. The bead has to be glass. Put one on each side.

    4) Burn the mono from the end until it puts itself out inside the bead. This glues the mono to the bead. Also the length is set by the distance between the beads so these are always the same.

    5) Burn the other side eye into position.

Now you have a barbell eye that has a center pupil and is strong as any that I have found. You can also make single stalk eyes the same way.

Hope someone else can get some use out of this tip. ~ Fly'nfool

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