Trucos de montaje

The Third Hand
By A.K. Best

Another homemade gadget that I'd be lost without is my "third hand." I don't know what else to call it, but that is its function - it holds spade hackles by the butt while I clip off a segment for tailing. It also hold 6-inch strips of moose, deer, or elk while I cut off segments of hair for stacking or spinning. It's not easy to hold a 2- or 3-inch square of deer hair in your hand or balance it on your knee while you cut off just the right amount for spinning or stacking. And the square is always falling on the floor or in the Waste Trol basket (a product make to attach to the tying bench to catch trimmings). It's much easier to cut the right amount of hair from a 3/4-inch strip than from a 2- to 3-inch square. All you need to make this handy gadget is spring-loading clothespin and a tongue depressor. I attach mine to the bench with a small C clamp. ~ A.K. Best

Credits: Excerpt from Production Fly Tying by A.K. Best and published by Pruett Publishing Company. You can find a review of the book: here.

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