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Better Rubber Legs
By Cole Martin

At a recent Missouri River Flyfishers meeting we had an excellent guest, Brent Taylor, who is a guide and tier in Dillon, MT. He was doing a presentation about fishing in Chile. He said when he was there, a productive fly was the dung beetle. For the tying part of the meeting he tied this dung beetle.

"This is a very simple fly to tie, but I wanted to tie it to show you a tip on putting on the rubber legs," he said. He took a straight sewing needle that you can get at any craft store. This needle was big enough to fit the rubber legs through the eye. He took the rubber leg, and threaded it into the eye of the needle. Then he put the needle in at an angle into the foam so the rubber legs were a little bit longer on one side and so they were not quite parallel to the body. So now the legs aren't tied in and they are held in by the foam. Next, he took super glue and put a dab on the side that stuck out a little long. Then he pulled the legs so they were equal on each side. He said to make sure not to use too much super glue though because the chemicals in the glue will eat away at the rubber legs. That's all there is to it and the legs should be able to take quite a bit of abuse from fish attacks. ~ Cole Martin

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