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Inexpensive Bobbin Threader
By Deborah W. Dunsford, College Station, TX

For an inexpensive bobbin threader, visit your local drug store and buy a box of "floss threaders." They will be with the dental floss.

My supply came in a clear plastic box that held many more than I could lose in a year. These blue plastic loops are stiff enough to slide easily through the bobbin tube and the large loop is almost the size of a quarter easy for any of us to get the thread through.

To use the threader, slide the closed end of the threader (about 1.5 to 2 inches long) into the bobbin tube, put the thread end into the large loop, and slide the threader out the end of the bobbin tube. The bobbin is threaded and the plastic threader will not mar the porcelain lining of the tubes! For easy access, I store my threader around my head cement bottle in my tool caddy. It's easy to grab and out of harm's way.

This tip came from one of my earliest fly tying classes in Kalamazoo, Michigan. ~ Aggie Fly Girl
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