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Easy Bobbin Threading
By Tina Worsley

This tip is for those who want an easy way to thread a bobbin. I use a slim, large-eyed needle. It is slender enough to slide easily through the bobbin tube. I thread the needle, leaving a good two-inch tail. Then I slide the needle down the bobbin tube at the end closest to the spool.

Be careful that the thread is not wrapped awkwardly around the bobbin arm. Hold the bobbin by the grippers on the spool ends. Sometimes a little shake is required, or a gentle tap to assist the sliding of the needle. Once the needle is through, remove the needle from the tag end of the thread. Voila! the bobbin is threaded quickly and simply!

If the needle doesn't want to slide through, just use another needle to push the thread-holding needle down. ~ Tina (Fishin_mom)
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