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Customizing a Rotary Vise Handle
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

Do you have a rotary vice with a little stubby handle, that is great for finger twirling? Would you like to have something you can be more comfortable for turning the vise? How about replacing that stubby little handle with something you can really crank flies out with. It is simple and easy to do, best yet cost usnder $4.00.

Go to the hardware store (take the vise with you) buy an inexpensive (cheap) paintbrush. Make sure the threaded stem on the rotary will fit thru the hole, you may have to widen the hole at home. Then go to where they have the knobs for dressers and kitchen cabinets. Pick out a drawer knob that gives a good fit to you hand.

Back at home, cut the handle off the brush, round the cut end with a file and sandpaper, and drill a hole in the opposite end to fit the knob on to the handle. Now just install you new handle on the vise and start cranking those flies out. ~ Parnelli

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