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Help Trimming Deer Hair
By Ray Kunz

In the Tying Tips section there is an item about using double-edged razor blades for trimming spun deer hair bodies. It correctly notes that double edged razor blades are sharper than single edged ones and suggests using an X-acto knife handle to protect your dexterous digits.

A good compromise is to use surgical scalpel blades. They fit the X-acto handle directly, are as sharp as the double-edged blades and actually more available. Your doctor, dentist or veterinarian can get them for you in a 12-pack. Style #11 has a long tapered shape that makes them useful for other critical uses also (like giving some argumentative person a lobotomy).

There are all metal scalpel handles available for also but they are not as comfortable to use. They are metal so they can be autoclaved. ~ Ray Kunz

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