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Save Your Health?
By Bill Millard

Little comment on the washing of hands article in your tying tips:

I also wrote article similar to it - ONLY my point of washing hands was after tying flies, and during the tying process.

It is because of all the chemicals used to keep moths and other bugs off the materials. And we all know how hard they are to exterminate, when they get into things!

Back when - a fly tyer I knew became very ill and the doctor was months treating him, to no avail. Then by chance he mentioned to Doctor that he had a bunch of flies to tie and get out before week was up. With that remark Doctor re-diagnosed him and started treating him for some type of poisoning. In short - he did get better.

I was always told to make damn sure I kept fingers out of my mouth when tying and make sure I scrubbed then good after tying.

I had adhered to that practice for over 55 years now. It's one of the first things I present to all students in fly tying classes. ~ Bill Millard

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