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Noooo! My flybox is heading downstream...Without me!
By Robert Bonifas

Just a quick tip on not loosing your life's work in the blink of an eye, or the slip of a finger (not to put to fine of a point on it).

Most fly box's don't come with a lanyard eyelet, at least none of the ones that I own. I epoxied a OOK brand (picture/clock hanger) on the back of each of my boxes for a lanyard eyelet. I then put a retractable reel (you know the one, looks like a thing a janitor would hang his keys on) inside each of the pockets I put my nymph/dry fly boxes in. Walla! Put the two together and the result is not educating your fellow angler with a whole list of new profanities.

This is probably something that has been touched on before, but if it saves the life of one beautiful box of flies it was worth reiterating. ~ RB

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