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A Storage Idea for Hooks
By Tina Worsley (fishin_mom)

I noticed a number of the tips in the Tying Tip Archive involve items from the 'Women's' sections of store - i.e. cosmetic and sundries! Interesting! Here's another one, sort of!

Whilst on a trip to buy vampire teeth for Halloween for my teenaged son, we ended up in a costume store which sold theater-style makeup. They had the most wonderful see-through, empty STACKING CONTAINERS! They are normally used to store powdered makeup, I think, 1" high and 1.5 diamenter. They resemble the little pots that lip gloss comes in. (Sorry guys.)

I bought five of them and one lid - price $4.95 CAN. They twist into the top of the next one and the stack has a lid on the topmost one. I brought them home and stored some number 10 to 12 hooks in them. I went back two days later and bought ten more and two more lids.

I have three stacks - dry, nymph and long shank in graduated sizes (I need more). I wrote on the side and bottom of the container the number of the hook size.

I think a sticky label is required as I keep rubbing off the number on the side, but that will be done over the weekend. Then I can add more info, such as manufacturer or style, etc. as I buy more and different types of hooks! Yes, I suffer from Material Aquisition Disorder! (term borrowed from an English/NZ fly-fishing site.) ~ Tina W.

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