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Customizing a Rotary Vise
By Steven H. McGarthwaite


There are two types of rotary vices, balanced and unbalanced. It is easy to tell the difference, balance rotary vises do not keel-weight effect because of the vise head clamp assembly. The unbalanced rotary has to be controlled by hand contact, to keep the shaft from spinning when the vise head clamp assembly is at the apex on the shank. The weight of the vise head clamp assembly is the cause for this happening. Instead of buying a new rotary vise that is balanced, I decided to see how to make an unbalanced rotary vise balanced (or as balanced as possible), by counter-weighting the vise. I do not know what brand your rotary vice is, but if your rotary is similar to mine, I hope this article will help to give you some ideas.

Loosen the Knurled Nuts (that secure the handle) and rotate the handle 180 degrees so it is pointed up, instead of pointing down, when in the resting position.

I went to the hardware store (taking the handle with me), bought 15 metal flat washers, and 1 rubber grommet. The washers will act as a counter-weight to the vise head clamp assembly, and the rubber grommet is inserted inside the outer washer to hold the washer (weights) on the handle.


I have a balanced rotary vise, and only cost me $1.10 (state sales tax included). ~Parnelli

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