Trucos de montaje

Overcoming Obstacles
By Ray Kunz

On your Bulletin Board Tying Forum I noticed some folks discussing "what fly they hate to tie."

I'm strictly an amateur of only moderate skill but I've been at it for a long time. One thing I've learned is that any problem can be solved.

As a case in point, one thing I dislike is tying on the matched sets of biot wings on Prince Nymphs. The fly has a good reputation and looks so neat that my class asked for it, so I had no choice. It gave me the expected trouble but was a disaster for the students.

My solution was probably not new, but I pirated the idea from the old Maine streamer tiers and just glued the biot pairs together ahead of time with contact cement. I place one biot on my index finger, add a tiny speck of cement, put the other biot on top, position them and press together for a few seconds.

The crossing point can be varied for different size flies. Now, tying a Prince is a piece of cake! ~Ray Kunz

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