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Tying Thread for the "No See Em's"
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

This is for those fly tiers who love to tie the "No See Em" flies, you know who you are, you always enjoy sharing how you just tied up 12 dozen size 32 dry flies.

I found a great thread to use when you're peering thru your electron microscope tying those intricate flies nobody can see. Coats & Clark has nylon thread that is .004 inch diameter. It is available in clear, and gray, is twisted braid nylon thread, with tension strength of 0.5 lb/.22 kg (my estimates). It is very soft and limp, and should do the trick, for those tiny flies you tie.

I just want to know how you transport that electronic microscope when you're on the stream trying to put one of those "No See Em's" on a tippet? At least I can see this thread when it is still wrapped on the spool. For all of you who do not have a electron microscope, the nylon thread also come in .005 inch diameter. ~Parnelli

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