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Making the Easy Door Knob Dubbing Loop Tool
Text and Photography by Ron R. Mason, Montana

Dubbing loops have a lot of advantages for fly tiers. Here is an easy and cheap way to make your own dubbing loop tool. The list of things you'll need is short:

Materials needed

    Small brass cabinet door knob

    Length of 1/16" brass rod

    Brass bead

    Masking tape

    Five-minute epoxy.

Bend loop into one end

Start by bending an open loop into one end of the brass rod. It will be much easier to make a neat loop if you use a jewelers's round nose pliers.

cut to length, slip on bead and tape

Next cut the rod to length. I like mine nice and short so I have plenty of clearance for spinning the tool under the vise. Many tiers prefer a longer tool, so make yours to suit your style. Next slip a brass or copper bead over the straight end of the rod, put the small hole in the bead toward the loop you just created.

The diameter of the screw hole in the door knob will likely be quite a bit larger than 1/16". To get a snug fit and to keep the brass rod centered, wrap the base with a piece of masking tape about a 1/4" wide. My tape was wider than that, so I just cut a narrower piece with my scissors. It should be narrower than the depth of the hole in the knob. Make just enough wraps for a snug fit.

Then using the five minute epoxy, secure the brass rod into the door knob and press the bead tightly down toward the door knob. Wait for the glue to set up. Remove any thread cutting burrs or rough spots from the brass loop with fine sandpaper.

Finished dubbing loop tool in use

Now you are ready to spin up storm at your fly tying bench with a new tool that is simple to use and has the classy look of brass.

I paid $2.50 for the doorknob at Home Depot. The rest of the materials I had laying around my bench. The brass rod is available at most hobby shops. ~ Ron R. Mason

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