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The Other Rayon
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

Fly Tier's are very familiar with the tying material rayon; it's used in most floss they use. You may choose to use traditional silk floss for Salmon Flies, but for most other patterns calling for floss, rayon is the floss of choice. But there is another rayon tying material that is never mentioned, is very durable and inexpensive, Rayon Thread.

Coat & Clark is a very familiar product line to those in the clothing manufacturing market. Coat & Clark has an extensive line of not only rayon thread, they also have pattern rayon thread (twisted rayon) that is two different colors, or two different shades of rayon thread twisted together.

Rayon thread has the same sheen that rayon floss is admired for. The colors are just as bright and vibrant as the rayon floss. The rayon thread is very durable and has enough strength to tie with.

I really prefer the rayon thread over the rayon floss; there no fraying with the thread, unlike what can happen with the floss. The thread (35 weight) is similar in size to 6/0 thread that we are familiar with. Used like floss on the fly, but you can start the fly pattern with the rayon thread unlike the floss. You can dress the fly hook with rayon thread, tie in the tail and ribbing, and then lay the second layer of thread wrap as you wind forward.

Before attaching the wing and collar, just tie off the rayon thread, and lock wrap the polyester or nylon thread you would normally be using for the fly's total construction. The results will not be anything less then with the rayon floss, and most likely be better with more options on colors and effects of the twisted rayon thread patterns.

All in all, rayon thread is just another tool to put in the fly tiers bag of tricks, bring something new into the creations that come from our tying benches. ~ Parnelli

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