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More Organization
By Michael D. Hurley

For those of you near a "Container Store, " they sell a papers-organizer which is a small set of narrow shelves. The size I use has six shelves a little over an inch high, but maybe 12 inches wide and 14 inches deep. Into this I've fitted clear plastic trays (they sell them as box picture frames. One tray will hold several capes, or a lot of dubbing, a large collection of thread, etc. Even turkey feathers fit nicely. Now the shelf-set is around $40, and the trays are about $5 each, so it isn't cheap, but if you've managed to justify a $500 rod, you may be able to manage. I was going to buy some pheasant tippets until, in organizing my materials, I found I had a packet.

For fur, I have to use a lockable container that requires opposable thumbs that my Bengal cat can't tear through. - he eats anything with fur on it, smaller than he is. ~Michael D. Hurley

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