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Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Revisited
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

For you timid fly tier's who try to limit being seen in the women's cosmetic section at WalMart or Walgreen's, I have some great news to report. Sally Hanson has some new terrific products for you to try. Two that I want to bring to your attention is Sally Hanson Hard as Nails with Teflon Tuff, and Sally Hanson Chrome.

The Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Teflon Tuff is much thinner than the original Sally Hanson Hard as Nails. It soaks into and between the threads on the head of the flies. Goodbye to those bottles of head cement that harden if you look at them cross-eyed or you don't seal the cap with a gorilla's grip.

The Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Chrome, is available in 27 different metallic colors and shades. This is great news to those of you who use vinyl wraps for abdomens on nymphs. Now you can coat the dressed hook with some Sally Hanson Chrome, before wrapping the vinyl wrap. The vinyl will give off an inner glow that was not possible before.

For you glass bead freaks, Sally Hanson Chrome is just what you need also. Some have spent many hours at the tying bench holding tiny glass beads in tweezers trying to paint the inside of the bead with a coating of gold paint, using a brush with one bristle. No more will you have to peer thru those magnifying glasses straining your eyesight, and having to forgo coffee to steady your hands. Now you can just paint the hook shank with some Sally Hanson Chrome prior to creating some nymphs using clear glass beads.

So you do not have to get out those wigs and high heels to go undercover to checkout the new Sally Hanson products. Now if you will pardon me, these heels are killing me. ~Parnelli

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