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Cheap Salmon Hooks
By Aaron Laing, New Westminster, B.C. Canada

When learning to tie atlantic/steelhead patterns, I've found that the most difficult thing to swallow is the price of elegant bartleet style hooks. It's fine to drop a bit of money on good quality hooks when you're an experienced tyer, but for the novice it can get fairly expensive. My solution is to practice on inexpensive Mustad 36890 hooks that have been modified using a simple technique.

Using a pair of half round jeweler's pliers* (ones that have a flat jaw on one side and a rounded jaw on the other) clamp the hook shaft just above or even a little above and ahead of the point so that the half round is on the lower side. Using only your thumb, push the forward part of the shaft down until you have a nice gentle slope to the shaft. With a little experiment you can end up with a hook that has a nice profile (and one that still fishes well) for about a tenth the price of a comparable Partridge or Daiichi bartleet heavy wire hook.

*Note: Inexpensive half round jeweler's pliers can be found at any jewelry supply house, and sometimes at well-stocked craft stores. ~ Aaron Laing

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