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Beaded Thorax Flies
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

There was a posting on the Bulletin Board, in the Fly Tying Section, asking for help on a nymph fly pattern, the "Holy Grail." Hans Weilenmann responded with the fly pattern recipe, and mentioned it was a generic pattern - you can create many different patterns from it.

I have seen fly pattern recipes that call for a metal bead for the thorax, I just never have tried tying them until now.

Holy Grail

    Hook: Scud hook.

    Weight: Copper bead, forming the thorax.

    Ribbing: Copper wire.

    Abdomen: Hare's Ear, slender, either natural color, or dyed olive, or dyed black.

    Wingcase: Dark quill slip, over the bead.

    Legs: Grey partridge.

1. Using a Mustad Nymph Hook C49S, size #10. Place a 5/32(4 mm) copper bead on the hook. Securing the hook in the vise's jaws with the front portion of the hook shank level.

2. Using a previous Tying Tip column Centering Beaded Head, build a large diameter head of non-lead wire, behind the copper bead.

Since the copper bead is being used for the thorax, the placement of the bead is spaced slightly behind the eye of the hook. The placement will allow the copper bead to be positioned on the hook shank, leaving room in front of the bead for securing the legs and wingcase.

3. Dressing the hook to the rear, add the ribbing, and lightly dub the thread with rabbit fur.

4. Wind the dubbing forward, then wrap the ribbing forward, securing both.

5. Attach the wingcase, secure with a half hitch, and whip finish.

6. Lock wrap in front of copper bead, pull the wingcase over the beaded thorax, and secure the wingcase. Add the partridge hackle for the legs (Defeo method), then secure thread with a half-hitch and whip finish.

Beaded Thorax Flies are a very simple generic fly patterns, and various pattern possibilities are endless. Below are some variations on the "Holy Grail," using other materials.

Black Vinyl and Gold Cord

Red Vinyl and Copper Wire

Mustad Containers.

If you use the new Mustad Signature Hooks, do not throw away the plastic containers when they are empty. I find the containers are terrific for storage of my beads. The labels peel off cleanly and the containers are compact and secure for storing beads. ~ Parnelli

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