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Bad Fly
By Bob Widmaier
Forward By Steven H. McGarthwaite

I was sharing an article that I had submitted to FAOL with Bob Widmaier. Bob had asked me a question on a fly pattern for a fly swap. His response to my E-mail gave me some food for thought. I asked Bobs permission to share his letter with others as a "Tying Tip" article. ~ Parnelli

"Great article and food for thought. It brings to mind one I had when reading a recent inquiry on the Bulletin Board at FAOL. A novice fly tyer wrote that he had tied some "bad looking flies," but they seem to catch fish.

I got to thinking, what constitutes a "bad fly?" I decided a "bad fly" is one that failed to do two things.

  • First, the material tied to the hook comes apart easily on casting or on the first strike. I have purchased some of these "bad flies" in my day and find them very frustrating.

  • The second thing a "bad fly" does, is fail to catch fish. I have seen, used and tied some "good looking flies" that fall into this category.

  • So by deduction, a "good fly" is simply one that stays tied and catches fish.

    This leaves an infinite number of variations of materials, designs and patterns for tying "good flies;" thanks to the nature of our prey, the fish." ~ Bob Widmaier

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