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Shipping Tubes for Flies

By Steven H. McGarthwaite

When you are shipping flies to someone, whether it is for a fly swap or as a gift, it is important to protect the flies while in shipment. You can put them in a tin, with the fly hooks embedded into a foam bottom, but the flies can become loose inside the tin. Maybe you have a fly that is bulky, with long wings or a tail you want to protect further. I saw an example of a shipping tube for flies in a recent fly swap, the tube protects the fly from damage, and the tube is easy to construct and can be reused. The best thing is, the tubes are free or minimum cost.

    1. Using a drinking straw, with a diameter that is wide enough for holding the fly, melt the end of the tube over an open flame.

    2. Crimp the melted end of the drinking tube with pliers.

    3. Size the length of the tube for the fly to be inserted inside, and cut the tube.

    4. Cut a slit in the bottom of the tube, so the fly hook will travel forward to the end of the slit.

    5. Using a short section of tape (with a folded tag), secure behind the hook barb, to hold the fly inside the shipping tube.

Now you have a shipping tube, to insure the fly arrives in mint condition, to the person you are sending it to. You can also use the tube for storage of flies, which you use in fishing, to minimize the space needed for storage. With a Permanent Marker, you can print what fly is being stored in the fly tube. ~ Parnelli

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