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DeFeo Style Side-mounted
Bundled-fiber Legs
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

I did another article on a Charles DeFeo method, (DeFeo style throat hackle), recently here and while researching it in my trusty The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference, by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer (Frank Amato Publications), also found the "DeFeo Side Mounted Bundled-Fiber Legs."

I have never used this method on any fly patterns calling for either side legs, and decided to try it. After tying a fly for this article, I have found it is a simple and effective way of tying. This method is usually one of the last steps in the fly construction.

Position the bundled-fibers leg on one side of the fly, pinching the fibers, using your right hand.

Switching to your left hand, you maintain the proper position of the fiber legs, while lightly wrapping one times around the hook shank. With the thread beneath the hook shank, pull on the thread to increase the tension. Pinching the bundled-fiber leg tightly, while increasing the tension, will keep the fiber legs in place. Keeping a tight pinch grip on the fiber legs, take a second complete wrap of the hook shank, secure with a half hitch.

Repeat the above instructions for the other side.

After securing the second fiber leg, wrap forward few more times, and secure with a half-hitch. Trim waste bundled-fiber legs, from the fly.

If you want the leg fibers to flare more, you can achieve this by tightly wrapping the thread back over the previous wraps, while pinching both fiber legs next to the fly's body. After each wrap, release the fiber legs to determine the fiber leg flair. Once you have the desired flair, half hitch to hold fiber legs in the proper flair. Now you can complete the fly's remaining steps (In the case of the fly in the photos that included building the Thorax and completing a Wing Case).

I think the bundled-fiber legs make the fly more buggy looking, than the same pattern without bundled-fiber legs. I will now include fiber legs on my nymph patterns. ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite

Credits: I wish to thank Frank Amato Publications (Sponsor of FAOL) for giving permission to use The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference in the writing of this Tying Tip article! ~Parnelli

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