Trucos de montaje

(a better way, at least different)
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

I learned a new way of attaching ribbing, new to me anyway. Before, I would tie the tinsel in on the top and after the body was formed, rib forward and tie it off. I found there was always a large area near the tail, which was void of ribbing. This new (different) way solved that problem.

Problem was that by tying the ribbing in on the top, the tinsel had to rotate around the hook shank halfway before coming up on the tier's side of the hook. This explained the big gap, at the rear of the hook.

Just turn the hook over (easy if you have a rotary vise). Attach the ribbing as you otherwise would do normally.

Since I use a rotary vise, I also have difficulty keeping the tinsel out of the work area when rotating the vise. Got a simple tool for this, a very strong magnet that is the size of a small marshmallow (kind you put in your hot chocolate). I attach it to the rear of my vise head and tinsel stays secured and out of my way.

I have about a hundred of these, if anyone wants one, just e-mail me at I will mail you one, hoping it will not stick to the insides of the letter sorting machines the Post Office uses. Normal "Charge and Services" apply, you pay forward to someone else in Fly-Fishing. ~ Steven

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