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Bent Bobbins
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

I saw something neat at the Fly Angler (a fly shop I go to locally) in Fridley Minnesota. It was a Bobbin, with a different bend. Most bobbins are nice and straight, this one was bent, and it reminded me of that great trumpeter Dizzy Gillespe. Dizzy was unique in his style, his cheeks all puffed out, and blowing the horn, like he would go dizzy from lack of breath. His horn was unique, with the bell tilted upward at a bent.

Straight Bobbin

I looked at the bobbin, I took it out of the bag (asking permission first), and held it in my hand. It felt, comfortable, more so than the regular ones. So I went home and took one of my many bobbins, and I put it in the vise and bent the wires that extend back from the tube.

Bent Bobbin

Here is what I found, the thread traveled into the tube with little or no angle. I always knew which way to spin the thread bobbin without having to look down. It fit in my hand like a custom made glove would fit. I find it is not effected by hanging beneath the hook, it will still unspin any twists in the thread.

Custom Bobbin

I like it so much I even bent my ceramic bobbins, matter of fact I bent them all and I am not sorry I did. More comfortable hand grip, easier to wind or unwind thread. Got a spare bobbin, give it a test drive...I think you will be pleased. ~ Steven

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