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Scud Back Material
By Paul Jacobsen, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

As we all know Scud back is relatively expensive for the amount of material you actually get. I have found the exact match in, where else, a sewing shop. The material that we pay around $3 for in fly shop can be had in the sewing shops for pennies a yard, instead of dollars per yard. It is actually bathing suit elastic, it comes in various widths from 3/4 inch all the way down to 1/8th inch. It is clear, has the same metallic fleck as Scud back and has the incredible stretch of scud back. It is sewn into the seams of womens bathing suits so that it clings tightly to the body. It takes a permanent marker very well if you choose to color the material for your favorite pattern. I pay 35 cents a yard at my local sewing shop.

Another use for Scud back I have found is overwrapping a dubbed nymph body to produce a very segmented, slightly shiny, and translucent look. Go buy some today and you will see what I mean. You will never pay the high price for Scud back again.

Cheers and happy tying. ~ Paul Jacobsen

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