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Reverse Tying
By Al Beatty, BT's Fly Fishing Products

Reverse Tying - is a method of tying your fly bodies that is much faster and also improves the durability as well. Basically all you do with this technique is tie your body material on the hook at the front and wrap it toward the back of the hook. Then you tie the material off at the back of the hook and rib forward with the tying thread. When tying woolly buggers as an example: tie the chenille and hackle on the hook at the front; wrap the chenille back and secure; and then palmer the hackle back and secure it as well. Last rib forward with the tying thread and finish off the fly.

If you are dubbing a body you can also use the tying thread for the rib -- on a green drake you can tie the fly with yellow tying thread, dub from the just behind the wings to the start of the tail, and last wrap back with the yellow tying thread forming the rib. ~ Al Beatty

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