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A Hot Tip
By James Castwell, (JC)

JC wrote in his column (Week 162, September 25th, 2000), about a product that everyone who does fly tying just has to get. It is the ultimate tool for removing wayward feather hackle, thread tags, or clearing up obstructions around the eye of the hook.

Bob Mead (AKA: Mantis) was at the 2001 Fish-In at the Delaware River Club, he and I talked until the early morning hours. I shared some of my tricks (puny in relation to his knowledge) and even gave him some of my best attempts at fly tying. He reciprocated with the item JC had written about. Asking me if I wanted it, I gulped, and said, "Ya sur yah betcha!"

You just have to have one of these, they are well worth the money. So if you really want the ultimate high-tech tool for fly tying I highly recommend you get one. ~ Parnelli
This is not 'Gonzo' journalism. This really is a hot tip, a hot tip about something that does not exist anymore. At least not in the same way it did. This tool is darn near indispensable for tying leaders, cutting the new braided lines, cutting mono, tying flies and just about everything else related to fly-fishing. Sound good? What is it? Where has it been? Is it new? How fast can I get one? Do I need it?

Cortland Hot Tip

The answer is a 'cauterizing battery operated gizmo resembling a miniature soldering gun.' The wire is very fine and heats up by a single battery, a two battery model is optional. You can't possibly live a day longer without one now you know it exists. The Cortland Line Company used to sell them for all of the previously mentioned uses but does not anymore. I found them a few years back and got six. Over the years I have given some away to buddies and am down to just two. With some digging there is a way of picking the end off and replacing the battery, (about the fifth one on the one I am using these days). They are not indestructible, the tip-wire will eventually burn through. They are shot then.

Now for the good news! I found some more! You can find them at your doctor's office and veterinary clinic. They are used for sealing blood vessels and other places where they need fine pin-point heat. They won't have the Cortland name on them anymore, may have some medical name or such. Never mind the name, get one.


I use mine mostly when tying flies. At my age I get a bit uneven in my work and this thing burns off any errant stuff poking out from under my whip-finish. Amazing what happens to a bit of feather when hit by the hot wire. A small puff of smoke and I am redeemed as a fly-tier.

The thing works great for cutting that nasty braided line too. ~ JC

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