Trucos de montaje

Non-traditional Parachutes
By Jonathan Sherwin (ffb)

When tying parachute flies, instead of using the traditional way of wrapping the hackle around the post and tying it down to the front of the fly, use the Klinkhamer method.

With this method, you tie in the post, set it up right, but do NOT wrap up the base of the post. Then, tie in the hackle in front of it and pull it up so it's pointing up. Now continue tying the fly, add dubbing, tail, etc. But do not wrap the hackle.

When you've finished dubbing the body, make a neat head and whip finish the fly. Now you can wrap the post. But first, you need to take the fly out of the vice and put it in so the eye and the point is pointing down to the ground.

Now, wrap around the bottom of the post, in the same fashion as you would start thread on a hook, by wrapping the thread over itself. Cut off the excess thread. Then wrap a nice solid base for the hackle. Wrap the hackle going from the top of the base down to the bottom. When you've finished wrapping the hackle, wrap the thread around the tip of the hackle to secure it. You are securing the hackle to the post, not the head of the fly. Clip off the excess hackle and whip finish ON the post.

By using this method, you don't have to worry about tying down the front of your hackles when you tie a parachute fly. I use this method on all my parachute flies now, and the hackle actually goes in a complete circle, not a circle with a v-notch cut in the front of it. ~ Jonathan

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