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Two Tips for the Price of One
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

I have been reading Fly Angler's OnLine since October of 1997. In that time, I have learned many things and forgotten a lot more. I regularly go back and read the archives on FAOL to see what I have forgotten or missed along the way.

Below are the two "Tying Tips" I learned here long ago. The first has to do with dry flies and the wrapping of the hackle to make a collar. The second addresses how to secure material when tying. Both are in the same article (in the FAOL archives), can you name that article? (Hint: the Tying Tips section hadn't started yet.)

In honor of the 5th Anniversary of FAOL, there is a very nice prize to the first three readers who email the publisher with the name of the correct article. Email to:

Tying Tip #1

Keeping the DULL side of the hackle forward will keep the barbels all pointing to the front. This makes the fly ride better on the water.

Tying Tip #2

When you tie off the hackle take two turns around the quill of the hackle and then make a turn over the hook. This locks the feather better than just winding thread over the end of it.

Have fun, send your answers in. ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite

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