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Wrapping Wire Technique
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

I came up with this technique by chance. I really hate wrapping thread around weighted wire. The thread disappears between the weight wraps, spreading the coiled weight. It seems to take forever to coat the weight wrap, and if you turn the hook over, the bottom of the weight wire is still bare. This is how the technique works.

  • Lay your base threads on the hook, and wrap the weighted wire over the base thread.

  • Run the thread from the rear of the weighted wire to the front, and do one wrap around the hook shank returning thread to the rear of the weighted wrap. This will cause an X pattern on the side of the weighted wire.

  • Repeat the "rear-to-front-to rear" wrapping, covering all sides of the weighted wire with X-patterns.

  • Now wrap the thread forward and back, laying a base over the X-pattern that will give the thread support to cover the weighted wire.

For me this seems simpler, quicker, and covers the weighted wire completely. ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite

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