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Use a Saddle
By James Castwell

It seems more of us are using those little 'dumbbell' eyes on various flies these days. Face it, they work. They add the weight we want and can be used to roll a fly upside down making it a bit snaggless. I am not going to give you any suggestions on how you should cross, or cris-cross the tying thread or what size or type of thread you should use. No point in starting a war in here.

But this may help you some. Before you start to tie the eyes on, make two little bunches of thread, separated a bit and forming a small 'saddle' for the dumbbell eye to sit in. This will also give an area for the thread to lock into and may help hold the little buggers. They can sometimes have a mind of their own and resist most efforts to secure them tightly. Nothing like finishing a fly, only to find the eyes wobble from side to side. ~ JC

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