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Mayfly Proportions
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

Questions are asked on the Bulletin Board, fly-tyiers are having problems. One has the problem of running out of room on dry flies, to tie the head and whip-finish. Another has his Royal Wulffs falling over on their sides. What do all these questions have in common? The answer is proportions.

Al Campbell states in his Beginning Fly-Tying Series, Part 19-Royal Wulff Fly..."If they don't look exactly perfect (your goal) the fish won't mind. If the proportions are so out of balance that the fly tips over on its eye or wing, the fish will mind, so work on proportions and balance."

The proportions are constant for all different Mayfly Patterns, no matter what size.

Lock Wrap

  • Start the thread Locking Wrap, 1/3 back on the hook shank, behind the eye. Thread is wrapped forward half the distance to the eye and then reversed back to the starting point.

    Wing Length

  • Wings are equal to the length of the hook, measured from behind the eye to the curve on the hook.

    Wings Tied In

  • The Wings are tied in at the "Starting Point" 1/3 back from the eye, on the hook shank.

    Tail Length

  • Tail is equal to the length of the hook, from behind the eye to the curve of the hook. The tail is tied in were the straight part of the hook shank ends. This is usually just above the barb on the hook point, just below.

    Body Dubbing

  • Body of the Mayfly, is 2/3 of the hook shank, starting at the tail and stopping just behind the wing. Should be a shallow tapered body.

    Collar Tie-In

  • The Collar (Hackle) is tied in just behind the wings. The collar's radius is approximately 3/4 length as the hook shank. The collar should not go beyond the end of the thread wrap in the front of the wing. At this point you will do your half-hitch knot to secure the material.

    Half Hitch

  • The collar is half-hitched; there is lots of room left to create the head on the fly.

    Forming Head

  • The "Head" on the fly is created, and whipped finished. Head Cement is applied, and now is the time to clip any wayward hackle. ~SHM

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