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Build A Better Bodkin
By Dave Moore

Here is something I have found that works for me. All the bodkins on the market have too large a shaft and therefore too large a point for the flies I tie. I created one that fits the job on size 18 and smaller sizes when applying thread cement.

Cut a small diameter wood dowel to 2.5 inches long, drill a hole as small as you can in each end about 3/4 of a inch deep. Put a drop of Crazy Glue on the hole and insert a small common sewing needle. To make the needle fit tight, put a short piece of thread through the eye. Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry before use. Repeat on the other end, (you can use two different sizes of needles to allow you to cover a larger range of hook sizes.)

After you've drilled the holes you can put the dowel in a pencil sharpner to remove the excess material and make your bodkin a little more pleasing looking.

I have found if you use smaller bodkins you may utilize smaller drops of cement.

Also the small needle can be used to plug hook eyes so as to not allow cement to clog the eye.

Fish More. . .Mow Less. ~ Dave Moore

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