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Burnt Wings - Stoneflies
By Steven H. McGarthwaite


The template for Stoneflies, is the easiest of the three types of templates that I use. These come in sets of 3, and differ in the width of the wing case. Cost for a set is about $8.00.

Stonefly Template Set

Stoneflies Burnt Wing Templates are for shaping the Wing Case for the Stonefly Nymph Patterns. For Stoneflies Wing Cases I use Turkey Flats pre-coated with Fleximent. The colors I mostly use are dyed dark brown and black.

Sizing Wing Case Section

Cut a strip of Turkey Flat a little wider than the widest part of the nymph body. I use a divider (used in drafting) to transfer the width of the body to the Turkey Flat.

Turkey Flat Strip placed in Template

After removing the Turkey Flat Sections place them inside the Burning Tool Template.

Burning Turkey Flat Strip

Use the flame to burn away all excess material. Remove the finished Stonefly Wingcase; you will need three of these wing cases for most Stonefly patterns.

Burnt Wings

I use all three templates sizes for my Stonefly Patterns. Largest Wing at the rear of the Wingcase, followed by the Middle-size Wing, then the Small Wing near the eye of the hook.

Stonefly nymphs have a two year life-cycle, so there are always stoneflies in the streams. Tie the stonefly nymph patterns in different sizes to match those present in the stream at different of the year. ~ Steven

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