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Peacock Herl
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

Peacock Herl is an amazing material. It's naturally a blue-green/green-blue color, but you can have it turn to bronze by hanging it outdoors in direct sunlight. By the amount of time exposed to the sun, you can control the color change. Rotate the herl to get all it evenly exposed.

You can strip the hackle off of Peacock Herl using one of many techniques.

    1. Pink Eraser, rubbed against the herl from the tip towards the butt.

    2. Using Finger Stalls (they look like thimbles, but made of rubber). Found in Stationary Stores, used for counting money or handling papers, same method as the eraser.

    3. Stripping using chemicals (chorine bleach), and rinsing in water.

Peacock Herl stems are usually brittle and will split when wound tightly around a hook shank. To prevent this there are different ways of preparing the herl for use.

    1. If using the herl with hackle attached/removed, soak butt ends in water before using. This allows the herl stem to soften and become more elastic in nature.

    2. If using herl where the hackle has been removed, you can use sparingly, some hand lotion, hair conditioner or other ointment. I prefer Preparation H cream, because it is made with shark liver oil. (It is great too for chapped hands, from those trying days at streamside, resuscitating fish that you have caught and are attempting to release. It also helps speed up the healing process of any nicks or cuts on your hands.)

When using Peacock Herl on the fly, the patterns usually call for the herl to be tied in at the bend of the hook, and wrapped forward on the hook shank. The herl is (naturally) very fragile, and if some means is not use to strengthen the wrap, the herl will break with the first fish caught. Here are some of the ways used, to strengthened the herl wrap on the hook.

    1. Wrap the herl strands, around the thread and wrap both forward on the hook.

    2. If a pattern called for thin wire for ribbing, wrap the ribbing forward with the opposite wrap of the herl.

    3. Wrap the herl in at the forward end (eye) of the hook. Wind thread to rear of hook. Tie off herl, and then wrap the thread forward in a ribbing wrap) to secure peacock herl.

The eye of the Peacock Feather, is beautiful to look at and there are many ways it which you can use it to good effect on a fly pattern. My favorite way is as a wingcase on nymph flies. The iridescent of the eye, adds something to the nymph, drawning the attention of the fish. Think of it as natural Flashbou. ~ Steven

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