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Flip-Flop Flies

By Jim Hatch

I've been playing with foam for a while now. I punch cylinders out of flip-flop type sandals, kids foam puzzles, and any other source of closed cell foam I can find. They are basically Clousers with the foam head added in lieu of the weighted eyes. I've found that the bigger the eye, the better they like it. You can make minnows, frogs, or just about any other fish fodder you can think of out of the foam.

I normally tie the larger ones with wire hooks as I fish them on a 6 wt. and like to keep them light. I normally let the fly/lure rest until the ripples disappear. Then I strip it about a foot or two and rest it. I give it a few twitches and then I strip again. The tail will hang vertical at rest and swim on top when stripping. The bass and pickerel here seem to like that action. I also use them with good results for stripers when they are feeding on the surface. White heads with green and white buck tail has been my best color here. For whatever reason, the little red yarn beard seems to add to the number of strikes.

You can punch the foam out with a small drill press or even a hand drill by chucking a piece of sharpened copper tube or antennae sections in the size your want. It glues together instantly with CA type glue from the model shops. You can make smaller cylinders of contrasting colors and slice eyes off and glue them on or you can use whatever suits your fancy.

You can also tie monofilament type weed guards on these things and drag them through the lily pads and structure. Hope this provided some food for thought in your query for bass/pike type flies/lures. ~ Jim Hatch

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