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When Bad Things Happen
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

It happens to even the best when fly tying. Right in the middle of tying a fly, something goes wrong. Either the thread breaks, or something comes loose, or misaligned (or shifts out of place). The question comes to mind, "Can this fly be saved?"

Thread will break when you least expect it, or desire it. Could be there is a weakness or a fault in that section of thread, or you nicked the thread on the point of the hook, or the thread was frayed or twisted. I have over the years started to half hitch as I complete each step of the fly construction. In computer jargon, this would be called a "Restore Point," a point that you can return to, to go forward again. Everything done before the "Restore Point" has been saved. The only work that has to be redone is the last segment you are working on now.

Most half-hitch tools may not give you access to the rear portion of the hook. Otherwise the half-hitch tool is too small diameter to fit over the material previously laid on the hooks shank. A good homemade half-hitch tool is a plastic pen with the insides removed. If you enlarge the end of the pen, then you will have access to all points of the hook shank. Just unwrap the damaged part, back to the "Restore Point," tie in the thread and start over from that point.

A Half-Hitch at every step of the flies construction will prevent disaster if the thread breaks. Doing "Restore Points" helps reduce "When Bad Things Happen" at your tying bench. ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite

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