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Burnt Wings for Caddisflies
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

Caddis Fly

Dry Caddisfly patterns call for a shaped tent wing. Using Burnt Wings Caddis Wing Templates, these wings can be constructed. Templates for Caddisfly Wings are sold in a set of 3 for about $8.00. The three templates differ in the width of the wing, length can be adjusted after burning. The wing material I normally use is selected Turkey Flat Tail Feathers. These flats are previously coated with a Fleximent covering and allowed to dry.

Caddis Templates

I use Turkey Flats that are dyed Black; I also use Brown and Gray Turkey Flats dyed in various shades. I also have Natural Turkey Flats that are Mottled, Barred, and other patterns. I am always on the lookout for unique coloring and markings in Turkey Flats for the different Caddis Dry Fly Patterns.

Comparing Template to Hook Gap

Select the template that is closest in width to the hook gap size. Using the needle of the Bodkin to strip a section of the Turkey Flat that is 3 times as wide as the template.

Note: I have found that the Turkey Flat Section narrows as it reaches the outer edge. Allowing extra width results in a Flat Section that is usable.

Turkey Flat Folded

Fold the Turkey Flat Section in half, placing the folded section inside the template with the creased edge along the straight edge of the template.

Folded Flat held in template

Note: It is important not to use flame along the straight edge of the template, otherwise you will burn the fold of the tent wing.

Folded Flat Section being burned

Finally burn the material away that is exposed on the bottom and rear of the template.

Caddisfly Wing

Remove the burnt wing from the template, you now have a Burnt Caddisfly Wing. Use a small dry paintbrush to brush away any soot remaining on the burned edges.

Note: Remember the Wing length is 1 the total length of the hook.

Other "flat" feathers may be used, the tail and some wing feathers from a turkey, especially those with mottled or barred patterns.

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If you have any questions, tips, or techniques; send them along. Most of this material someone else thought of it before we did, they just forgot to tell anyone about it. Or else we just forgot about it, while learning something else. Let us share with each other, all the things we know! ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite (Chat Room AKA Parnelli)

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