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Zip Kicker
By Steven H. McGarthwaite

I was at a fly tying demonstration at Bentley's Outfitter's in Eden Prairie Minnesota. Dave Whitlock was demonstrating, how to tie a "Matuka Sculpin". At the end of the tying demonstration, Dave added a weed guard foot to the front of the pattern. Dave affixed it with some "Zap-a-Gap," then he pulled out a spray bottle, and instantly cured the glue. The product is called "Zip Kicker," an accelerator for super glues, made by Pacer Technology. I bought a bottle to try it out. Let me tell you what "Zip Kicker" says it can do.

  • Is safe on plastics, it will not craze most plastics.
  • Will force the immediate cure of all cyanacrylates.
  • Expands gap-filling ability.
  • Permits structural fillet forming.
  • Solves most tough-to-bond combinations of material.
  • Used directly from container.
  • Can be applied to surface prior application of adhesive.

The product does all that it claims, and I am very satisfied with it. It costs about $7.00, for a 2 ounce spray bottle.

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